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We have an extensive inventory of repair parts for most of our supported instruments.  We can repair ANY Miz-27 instrument, regardless of current condition/problem.

The supported Instrumentation includes many models of Nortec & Zetec ECT and UT Crack / Bond testers. 
The following instruments are eligible for immediate servicing:

Nortec NT-2000D    EC Testers                                                Zetec    MZ-27 ET / CT / SI

Zetec MZ-10A / 10B                                                                 Zetec    MZ-40 / 40A / RFT      

Zetec MZ-20A / 22     MZ-17 AWIS                                            Zetec    MZ-43 / MZ-17ET

Zetec MZ-21 / 21A / 21B / 21SR                                                Zetec    MZ-28 / Insite      

Zetec S-3 / S-5S-9 / S-9R / S-21R  UT Bond testers           Astro-Med  Dash 8 Chart Recorders

Reliability.  Each instrument is calibrated using NIST traceable measurement equipment, and all instrument functions are tested to published OEM specifications using VM Products’ controlled, approved calibration procedures.  We also thoroughly inspect the integrity of all internal connections and wiring to ensure reliable, consistent operation in field conditions.  When you include your probes with the instrument, we will test those as well.  The instrument Tear Down Report (Found/Left data) can be made available upon request for a small additional cost.

Fast, Efficient Turn Around.  Here at VM, we understand your business.  Tools out for calibration can’t be used to keep airplanes flying, or heat exchanger components in service.   That’s why we are committed to turning your instrument around as quickly as you need it with uncompromisingly superior quality and value.


*Note: Zetec and Miz are registered trade markes of Zetec Inc.  VM Products is not affiliated with Zetec Inc. in any way and uses this nomenclature for product identification purposes only. 

Service Catalog:

  • Prices shown are for standard calibration.  Repairs will increase price & turnaround time.  
  • A Tear down Report (As Found/Left data)  is always provided for each instrument.
  • Ask us about our AOG & ASAP priority services for your emergent  turnaround needs. 

Superior quality calibration and maintenance of Eddy Current & Ultrasonic NDT instrumentation - on your timeline.

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