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T5 Hytec® Probes
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VM Products manufactures and distributes the state of the art T5 Hytec probe. 

How it works:  The proprietary T5 Hytec array coils are strategically placed around the circumference of a probe in tandem with VM’s ultra sensitive bobbin coil pair.   The T5 Hytec coil set is wound such that opposing coils have inversely propagating overlapping fields, so fully circumferential signal interferences (like fins, TSP’s and expansion areas) are diminished - leaving flaws nowhere to hide.    

Shark fin clarity

Durability. Sheathed in High restistivity Titanium, this probe goes the distance.  If the poly wears out, the detachable   head can be quickly fitted onto a new wand so you keep testing, bundle after bundle.  Proudly designed, manufactured, and tested in the USA at the VM Products Inc. facility in Washington State, T5 Hytec probes are made of the finest materials obtainable.  And with literally hundreds of miles of tubing tested, they have a very well proven track record of longevity.  Is the T5 Hytec  probe expensive?  You bet.  But with a life expectancy of 10 – 20 times that of a standard bobbin or AC-3 probe, its value far surpasses the initial cost very quickly. 

T5 Probe Heads w/ Ext. Tip

Need more information about T5 Hytec?   Click the following link to check out recent  field tests, history, and common applications. http://www.best-test.com/company_news.htm

Call or Send an email to one of our applications engineers and let us know what you want to try.  We can even give you a recommended configuration to use with your app. 


Options & Pricing 

T5 Hytec    2013 Options & Pricing  Detect Better
Avail. PH Diameter PH / Tip Type Wand Lgt & Material Price Typical Delivery
.460 to 1.020 Detachable - Std Tip 30' to 110' & Call 14 days
" Detachable - Ext Tip 3/8 Nylon or 7/16 Poly Call  "
" Integral - Std Tip " Call 21 days
" Integral - Ext Tip   Call "
 Standard tests require  two T5 Hytec probe heads for the absolute signal
A 30ft wand is standard, addiditional length can be added. 
Std. Freq Range is 20KHz - 200KHz.  LF & HF options are available
Complete configuration instructions are available for the following testers.

T5 Hytec® probes work with: Zetec MZ-27 ET/SI, Miz-28, Core Star Omni 100/200,

Olympus MS-5800, and many other instruments. 

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