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About the Laboratory: 

  • Measurement results are derived through methods and processes developed by Skycaltronics to prove compliance to published OEM specifications.   Conformity to universally accepted laboratory practices is strictly maintained.
  • Our Measurement / Test Equipment is calibrated NIST traceable.  Calibration of customer equipment is performed in our environmentally controlled lab using detailed, documented, & approved Skycaltronics' procedures.
    • Our technicians are thoroughly trained and experienced on each specific instrument before being authorized to proceed with calibration & maintenance activities.
    • The Skycaltronics quality system and all calibration activities comply with the technical requirements of ANSI/INCSL Z540-1-1994(R2002), MIL STD 45662a, and Boeing BSS-7048.
    • For Aircraft / Aerospace specific instruments, the laboratory follows Boeing BSS-7048 procedural protocol for measurement and verification of driver and receiver circuits for NDE instrumentation.  


Superior quality calibration and maintenance of Eddy Current & Ultrasonic NDT instrumentation - on your timeline.

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