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Miz-43 Remote Data Acquisition Eddy Current Instrument
Price: $975.00
Availability: Calibration & Repair services available

So you have this Miz-43 sitting there and have found that the OEM no longer supports it.  Well, you have come to the right place!  Skycaltronics is the sole source for calibration and repair support of this instrument.  A  full functional checkout (probe pusher control) requires your ET Acquisiton enabled computer and the 3d/4d/10d power supplies and pushers, but if you just need the eddy current signal processing portion repaired and calibrated, all we need is the instrument itself.  

If your Mz-43 will not connect to your computer, we have the fix for that available too.  By now, most will not connect unless I have recently worked on the instrument.

Superior quality calibration and maintenance of Eddy Current & Ultrasonic NDT instrumentation - on your timeline.

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