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Mz-27ET/CT Power Supply
Price: $1,250.00
Availability: in stock
Prod. Code: NPI-1804

Skycaltronics refurbished NPI-1804 Power Supply Assembly with dual cooling fan upgrade and +5v connector bypass modification*.  Don't risk corrupting your flash memory with poor supply voltage.  1 year warranty, easy DIY installation.

Note: There is a $500 core charge for these refurbished power supplies.  You must send us your old supply to qualify for the listed price, otherwise a $500 charge will be added to the listed price.


Note2*  The power supply is the lynch-pin of the instrument, and since everything else in there is dependent upon its steady voltage output, many different symptoms can manifest when it has problems.  For a list of common problems/solutions, click here,  Then scroll down to the Miz-27 section.

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