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Spare Parts For Sale > Mz-27 Snap Server Network Attached Storage
Mz-27 Snap Server Network Attached Storage
Price: $950.00
Availability: in stock
Prod. Code: Mz-27 Recording

Refurbished with a brand new 80GB hard drive, these NAS drives attach to the Mz-27 via the 10baseT network port for seamless eddy current data recording.  Playback of recorded data is possible on any Mz-27 or through a 3rd party analysis program.  The Snap Server NAS drive comes fully configured to connect  to the Mz-27 network interface.

Requires a working Miz-27 network interface.  If your RAM battery has failed, the instrument network parameters will need to be reconfigured after a new battery is installed.  (how can i tell?)  If there are repeated 5's in the instrument's MAC address field, your network config is lost and needs to be re-programmed.  I can do this for you, free with purchase of the recording device and instrument calibration/certification.

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